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Do you care about:

  • Our environment?

  • Affordable health care?

  • Justice reform?

  • Livable wages for all?

  • Saving Social Security?

  • Equality for every American?

  • Quality education?

  • Access to voting for every citizen?



Do you find that Donald Trump does not speak for you or your values?

Do you believe, as it is outlined in our U.S. constitution, that our elected leaders have a responsibility to represent the needs of citizens who elect them?

If so, join Lee Blue Wave Coalition

We welcome all who are ready to take action for change -- whether you have defined yourself as Democrat, Republican or have No Party Affiliation (independents), we will welcome your participation and help!


For every voice to be heard, we must change the leadership at the local, state and national levels.

Lee Blue Wave Coalition believes YOUR VOICE = YOUR VOTE!

We need YOUR vote!

What Can You Do?



Join Lee Blue Wave Coalition -- Help Take Back Our Democracy!

Guarantee your right to vote during the COVID-19 era by enrolling in Vote-by-Mail -- you can still go to the polls to vote if you feel safe doing so! 

Inspire family and friends: register to vote, enroll in Vote-by-Mail, complete and mail your ballot!

Voters 17-30 Years:

We especially need your feedback and engagement. We are currently conducting a survey to learn more about how we can best support younger voters.  Please help us by filling out our survey and sharing with everyone you can!


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