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Vote for democratic, progressive leadership!

Do you care about:

  • Clean water?

  • Affordable healthcare?

  • Racial equality?

  • Saving Social Security?

  • Living wages for all?

  • Immigration policy?

  • Quality education?

  • Fair and open elections?

Did each day inspire and energize you? Do you want to honor the legacy of Ruth Bader Ginsberg? Are you tired of Donald Trump’s “Promises made?”
Promises Broken!!

If so, join Lee Blue Wave Coalition

We welcome all who are ready to take action for change — whether you define yourself as Democrat, Republican or have No Party Affiliation (independents), we will welcome you to the fight!


For every voice to be heard, we must change the leadership at the local, state and national levels.


“When we vote, things get better!”

–Kamala Harris, Vice Presidential nominee

Thank you for your interest in Lee Blue Wave.  Please read through opportunities for engagement on this site.
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