Vote-by-Mail in Lee County is safe and easy!

What is Vote-by-Mail?

Vote-by-Mail refers to voting the ballot received in your mail, instead of going to the polls to vote.
It is the same as the ballot used in polling places.
You complete your ballot, fold it and place it in the green security sleeve. Then seal it in the yellow return envelope, sign the back of the envelope, and return it postage paid by Lee County via U.S. Mail or deliver it to a secure drop-off location near you.
Click here for Myths and Facts about Vote-by-Mail.


Who should Vote-by-Mail?

Any registered voter can request a Vote-by-Mail ballot to be sent to the address used when they registered to vote or can  complete a request form to have it sent to another address. 
Verify your Vote-by-Mail ballot destination, to make sure your ballot is going to the address where you will be on September 29. 
Vote-by-Mail requests are only good for two general elections.
Vote-by-Mail ballots are not forwarded by the US Postal Service.
If you have registered for Vote-by-Mail in the past, check here to confirm your registration will be valid for 2020 elections.    

Why Vote-by-Mail?

Enrolling for Vote-by-Mail gives you the most flexibility in planning to ensure your vote is cast and counted. 
Vote-by-Mail gives you the flexibility to mail your ballot, drop your ballot off at secure drop boxes starting September 29 or on Election Day, or to surrender your ballot and vote in person during Early Voting or on Election Day.
Oh yeah, and….
    • COVID…
    • Hurricanes…
    • Health and accessibility challenges…
    • Unforeseen emergencies…
    • Complete your ballot from the safety of your home, instead of at a crowded polling place.
Trump and the Republicans who support him are threatening your right to vote. “Don’t let them take away your power, your Democracy!”-Kamala Harris, Vice Presidential nominee.
Click here for Myths and Facts about Vote by Mail.
OR visit the Lee County Supervisor of Elections website.



Registered Voters in Lee County – Click Below to Request Vote-by-Mail

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You’ll need:  first & last name, date of birth, address where you registered to vote.

keep Calm & Vote by Mail

U.S. Citizen Resident of Lee County – Click Below to Register to Vote

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You’ll need:  Florida ID and the last 4 digits of your Social Security number.

Deadlines to Request a
Vote-by-Mail Ballot

For November 3, 2020 General Election = October 24, 5:00pm
Avoid any problems by requesting your Vote-by-Mail ballot now!


Election Dates 2020

General Election

     Early Voting – Monday, October 19 – Saturday, October 31
     Election Day – Tuesday, November 3

Click here to check to see when your ballot was mailed, returned and counted. 

Quick Facts about Vote-by-Mail  in Lee County

  • You can still vote in person even if you receive a Vote-by-Mail ballot.
  • You will receive your Vote-by-Mail ballot at least 4 weeks before the election.
  • You can mail or drop off your ballot starting September 29. Click here for a map of locations.
  • You can drop your completed ballot off at Supervisor of Elections main office up until 7:00pm on Election Day.
  • If your signature has changed over time or because of health issues, you can update it here.
  • You can request a Vote-by-Mail ballot for a family member, but they must sign the outer envelope themselves.
  • Vote by Mail is safe: in the March 2020 Presidential Primary, only 0.7% of Vote by Mail ballots were rejected in Lee County (221 out of 30,347 ballots submitted) – most of these rejections happened because the envelope was unsigned or the signature didn’t match; check that your ballot was tabulated (i.e. counted).

Early Voting Locations

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How Do I Complete and Return My Vote-by-Mail Ballot?

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Vote-by-Mail Drop-off Locations

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