Guide to Voting in Lee County


Early voting: Through Saturday, Oct. 31, you may vote at any early voting location in Lee County. See for the 11 locations. Hours are from 10 am to 6 pm.
On Election Day, you can only vote in the precinct where you are registered. Find this by going to Enter your name and date of birth. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see your Election Day Voting location. If you are planning to vote on Nov.3, please be prepared for long lines – bring your mask, water, snack, hat, etc. Hours are 7 am to 7 pm.



You need to have a photo ID. If you don’t have a Florida driver’s license, there are other options, which include a current Student or Military ID, among others. If your photo ID doesn’t contain a signature, you can provide a separate signature ID in the form of a credit card. A complete explanation of ID requirements is found at



Once you enter the polling site, you will be directed to a check-in booth. You will be asked for your ID, which the Poll Worker will verify. You will then sign a screen with a stylus. Once everything checks out, typically in under a minute, you will be given a ballot.

Completing your ballot:

You will then go to one of the stations where you will complete your ballot by completely filling in the ovals next to your candidates of choice. DO NOT write in a candidate name unless it is for an individual who is not already listed on the ballot. We encourage you to vote the straight Democratic ticket. Please see for candidate information and recommendations on the 6 Amendments. It is ok to leave spaces blank if you do not feel like voting for certain races. Then place your completed ballot into the privacy sleeve and go to one of the voting machines.


Feeding your ballot into the machine:

There may be three pages to the ballot on two sheets of paper – the first two pages are double sided. Feed the first page into the machine. The machine reads both sides at the same time. Then feed your second sheet into the machine. You are done!


Problems or Questions while voting:

Look for a Democrat Poll Watcher inside the polling location or call the Democratic Voter Hotline, 833-868-3352 or 833-VOTE-FLA.


Pick up your “I Voted” sticker
on the way out!